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The mountain kingdom of Nepal holds a considerable number of unique places that are marked as “World Heritage Sites” by UNESCO. These cultural and natural sites are ten in magnitude, including the seven in Kathmandu. The small kingdom is a high tourism destination that has so much to explore.

The eye-catching Landscapes and Wildlife Expeditions

Nepal is blessed with exceptional natural beauty. The place is filled with spectacular Himalayan mountain views, icy glaciers, deep exotic valleys and undisturbed relics of the “Terai” region.

Unleash yourselves and experience the most unique Asian wildlife observance in Nepal. The country offers rare wildlife aspects that include lesser panda, Palm Civet, snow leopard, Himalayan mouse hare, Asian rhinoceros, Musk deer and Bengali tigers at Chitwan and Sagarmatha National Park.

Cultural attractions

Kathmandu is world famous for being a valley that is illustrated by seven categories of historic and artistic monuments and buildings. Hindu temples and Buddhist pagodas that are thousands years old are visited by thousands of religious visitors and world tourists every year.

A Landmark of World Heritage

UNESCO has listed 830 properties forming categories of cultural and natural heritage and considered as an outstanding universal significance.

Need a quick escape from depressing city life, want to step out of the concrete jungle and experience adventure on its full swing to the highest mountain in the world? Nepal is just a perfect destination for spending your vacations and delving into nature’s most exciting landscape views.