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Economy Umrah Package 5 Nights

  • Hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Transportation
  • eVisa
  • 24/7 Assistance
from $650
Per Person
Based on Quad

Premium Umrah Package 5 Nights

  • Hotel
  • Transport
  • Visa
  • Breakfast
from $725
Per Person
Based on Quad

Special Hajj And Umrah Offers

Muslims love Islam. It is evident from the Jummah gatherings in mosques, active participation in charitable events, millions of people in Islamic conferences and the crowd around the nucleus of Muslims-Holy Kaabah.

Dawn Travels celebrates the love of Islam by designing an excellent and luxurious travel deals to Makkah and Madinah. We know our Muslims brothers and sisters are attracted towards the center of Islam. They wish to perform umrah and hajj for the love of Allah SWT and his beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. That is why we are offering specially designed packages with unique features.

High Class Umrah Services

From the visa processing to transportations, accommodations, food, and other amenities – Dawn Travels bring the best deals so that you can concentrate on your prayers and Umrah rituals without any worries.

Saudi Airlines Umrah Ticket

Book our Umrah package with special Saudi Airlines Umrah ticket to experience the premium airline service.

Group Umrah Package

Dawn Travels exclusive Group Umrah Package that could be opted for having the best spring break trips.

April Umrah Package

Revive your soul with Dawn Travels Exclusive April Umrah Package. Get the best services and accommodations with multiple sightseeing options.

Special Services for Hajj

Convenient Accommodations

Due to the rapidly increasing number of pilgrims every year, the Saudi Government has made special accommodating arrangements by extending the tents into Muzdalifah. These tents are several kilometers away from the Mina. Pilgrims walk several miles to perform Hajj and Umrah rights. Dawn Travels accommodate our pilgrims inside the boundary of Mina. The booked tents are within walking distance to Jamarat. You are required to walk conveniently short distance from Rami.

First Visit Madinah

With Dawn Travels visit Madinah first during the Hajj season. You will land at Madinah airport where you will be saved from the overwhelming rush of pilgrims. Special buses are arranged for transport purposes in Madinah that take almost 30 minutes to reach Makkah for your ease.

Perform Qiran Hajj

You are offered a priceless and grand prospect to perform Qiran Hajj with Dawn Travels. Hajj e Qiran was carried out by our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. So relive his PBUH Sunnah and earn an immense reward.

Meals in Mina

Dawn Travels take care of you by arranging buffet meals of high-quality cuisines served in Mina Tents.

Private and Clean Bathrooms

Public toilets have a lot of cleanliness and hygiene problems and long waiting queues. Dawn travels have designed Private bathrooms for our group members to avoid the hassle and unhygienic environment.

Go to Makkah by VIP Buses or by air

Dawn Travels offer the unique opportunity to travel by Mercedes buses or by air to Makkah. It saves your energy and time. We want you to perform Hajj without any fatigue and hindrance.

Qurbani Facilities

Exclusive Qurbani arrangements are provided to pilgrims by Dawn Travels. We make sure your animal is slaughtered within the boundaries of Makkah under the supervision of a religious scholar. You notify us through text or phone call about sacrificing an animal. We acknowledge and after slaughtering your animal, inform you in time.

Book Hajj and Umrah Services with Dawn Travels and enjoy the journey of holy of Makkah and Madinah.