Lowest Airfares To PUNE - India

Pune is a prosperous and vivacious city that is a hub of business and education of India. It exemplifies the “Modern India” that is a mix of ancient and modern, capitalism and also spiritualism. Before 90’s, the city was a conventional Indian place but globalization tend to bring an image revamp. The new Pune is an amusing combination of colonial charm and modish charisma.

Pune is also notorious for Osho International Meditation Resort. Every year, thousands of local and international spiritual tourist travel to Pune and revitalize their souls through powerful meditation. The city has many interesting places to explore. It sits at the convergence of Murtha and Mula rivers where several spots are worth seeing. The Mahatma Gandhi road is the main commercial street that has some top business giants offices. The luxuriant uptown suburb of Koregaon Park is home to copious urban lifestyle buildings, hotels, coffee shops and eateries.