3 Nights/4 Days Egypt Vacation Package
English speaking Egyptologist tour guide
5 Star Hotel in Cairo with breakfast
All admission and Entrance fees
Package Price:

$450/- Per Passenger.

Program (3A)

Day 1
Pick you up from Cairo airport to visit Sultan Hassan Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Cairo, which was built between 1356 and 1363. It is an outstanding example of Islamic architecture, and covers almost 8,000 square meters.

The Al-Rifai Mosque completed in 1912, was built by a woman, the Princess Dowager Khushyar. Inside are the tombs of the royal family of Egypt from the Khedive Ismail to King Faruk.

Day 2
The Great pyramid of Cheops, one of the Seven Wonder of the World, The Cheops pyramid is built of about 3,000,000 Blocks, the pyramid interesting since its interior burial Chambers are open for inspection by public. Located at the Giza Plateau is the magnificent ancient Sphinx, which stands 20m high, and 74m long.

Egypt established by Menes founded Memphis around 5,000 BC. It was the first Capital of Egypt, after he united the two Kingdoms of Lower and Upper Kingdom Sakkara is the ancient site of Memphis city; hence it abounds in monuments, antiquities and tombs. It is the most ancient burial ground in ancient Egypt.

Situated on a desert plateau crowned by King Zoser Step Pyramid and its funerary complex, including temples and tombs distinguished by glamorous wall engravings established by architect Imhotep for King Zoser III dynasty. The pyramid was built in three stages.

Day 3
Admire the magnificent Citadel on the city’s only piece of ground which is elevated any appreciable height above the plain 75 m. Sultan Saladin had this fortress built in 1176. Mohamed Ali Mosque (Alabaster Mosque) was built inside the castle in 1830. This mosque has become the emblem of Cairo; it consists of two parts, the mosque itself and the courtyard. It has a central dome 21 meters in diameter, and 52 meter high, resting on four square pillars.

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, founded by Auguste Mariette 1898, was open at 1901, The Museum contains the most important collection of Egyptian antiquities and artifacts of the Pharaonic and Greco-Roman periods, including an exhibit dedicated King Tutankhamen’s collection of gold treasure and jewelry.

Then we move on to Coptic Cairo to visit the oldest Coptic Church (also known as the Hanging Church) (Al –Mualaka Church), it was built in 4th century. The Abu Serga Church marks one of the traditional places where the Holy Family stopped in Egypt during their flight from Herrod, and the Abraham Ben Ezra Jewish Synagogueto visit the Hanging Church, St.Segius Church, and Ben Ezra Jewish Synagogue which was built in the 7th century.

Day 4
Transfer to Cairo airport for your final departure.

  • Pick-up services from Cairo Airport, and from hotel to airport.
  • English speaking Egyptologist tour guide.
  • All transfers by a private air conditioned vehicle.
  • All admission and Entrance fees.
  • 5 Star Hotel in Cairo with breakfast.
  • The prices are available but subject to availability at the time of reservation.
  • The package price doesn’t include addminssions & visa fee.

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