Halal Vacation - Bahamas

Breezes Resort & Spa is totally yours






5 Nights/6 Days


Travel Dates:

Departure: Thursday, December 19th 2019
Return: Tuesday, December 24th 2019


Departure: Friday, December 20th 2019
Return: Wednesday, December 25th 2019

Package Price:

$1545/- per person
(Based on Double Occupancy)

Break free from dullness of life and celebrate the beauty of nature with your cherished people. Dawn Travels give you the opportunity to travel to the heart of turquoise blue sea with your loved ones. Discover the jewels of nature hidden in the charismatic city of Nassau. Its old pastel painted structures, old street markets and exotic conservation centers will take you to another world.

We vow to make your trip most relaxing and refreshing by providing accommodation at one of the finest resorts in this awe inspiring place destination. Breezes Resort Bahamas boasts for its magnificent service. You can unwind here while enjoying the natural beauty of Bahamas.

Trip Features

  • 5 nights/6 days Bahamas vacation trip
  • Accommodation in the majestic Breezes Resort & Spa
  • Exciting and adventurous land and water activities
  • Land Activities
  • Sisters Exclusive
  • Special programs for kids
  • Halal Food & Beverages
  • Spiritual Touch
  • Beach Cabanas
  • Airport Transfers
  • Round trip Airfare
  • 24 hours staff assistance

Take a trip to an exotic vacation

A trip packed with fun filled activities, splendid sightseeing opportunities and above all availability of Halal food so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest, is what we offer to our customers. So what are you waiting for? Book your trip with Dawn Travels today and indulge in ultimate luxury and tranquility with your family.

Land Activities

  • Yoga and Fitness
  • Games competitions
  • Tennis & Table Tennis Courts
  • Rock Climbing Wall
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Games Rooms
  • Excursions & Talk Shows
  • Shopping & Much More

Water Activities

  • Swimming
  • Sailing & Sailing Lessons
  • Kayaking
  • Paddle Boats Pool
  • Water Volleyball
  • Pools and Jacuzzi

Kids Programs

  • Carefully Crafted Children’s programs
  • Story telling Events
  • Daily fun activities under supervision

Sisters Exclusive

  • Designated Beach Areas
  • Snorkeling Tournaments
  • Yoga and Fitness
  • Nutrition Programs by Certified Coach & Trainer

Food & Beverages

  • Enjoy different cuisine from our global food menu including sub continent & continental dishes in open Buffet.
  • Also try any of the 3 Italian, French or Japanese restaurants or outdoor beach grill.
  • Enjoy variety of soft drinks.


  • Jet skiing
  • Para Sailing
  • Banana Boats
  • Scuba Diving
  • Shark Wranglers
  • Fishing
* Available at additional cost

Beach Cabanas

  • Enjoy your own Beach Front Cabana with personalized waiter service.
  • Enjoy the white sand beach, Turquoise water and personal concierge.
* Daily rentals are available

Spiritual Touch

  • Enjoy 5 Times prayers
  • Juma Congregation
  • Youth Halaqas

So book your Halal vacations in Bahamas today with Dawn Travels and treat yourself like you ought to be.

Looking for some thrilling activities? Have a look at these

Land Activities

The best way to rejuvenate yourself is by soothing your body off the wear and tear of the harsh daily routine. Our program entails yoga under the supervision of highly trained instructor. They rightly say if you want to stay young and fit, play your sport hard. Tennis courts, Beach Volleyball, Basketball and soccer are some games you can play with your family. Gaming zones pool tables, golf with spectacular views are some of the attractions of our package. The market of Nassau is sure to sweep you off your feet with its amazing assortment of unique handicrafts and souvenirs. There is so much more to do when you are in the Bahamas.

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Halal Food and Beverages

Are you fond of travelling but are hesitant because of concern of availability of Halal food? Trust Dawn Travels and book your trip to Bahamas today without a tint of worry for the availability of Halal food. We ensure that our customers get the most scrumptious and wholesome meals made from Halal ingredients. Be it continental, Chinese, Japanese or Italian, every kind of cuisine shall be Halal and free of alcohol. Sip your refreshing Halal drinks and juices while relaxing by the sea. Experience the one of its kind barbeque by the beach and indulge into the deliciousness of tantalizing flavors of the world.

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Exclusive packages for our Sisters

For females who wish visit these exotic destinations with their friends but are constrained due to variety of reasons, we have special tailor made programs that provide for the needs of such groups. Our sisters can swim around in separate pools with complete privacy and go snorkeling at deserted places where they cannot be seen by strangers. They can calm down and refresh through yoga and enjoy fitness and nutrition programs under certified trainers and coaches.

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Water Activities

Play your heart out with the water splashing the waves and running on the sea shores. Experience the adventurous and breathtaking activities such as sailing, kayaking and much more. For a serene escapade, turn to the Jacuzzi or swim around in the pools. Do all what you wish for without worrying about your privacy, for we are here to ensure that nothing comes in way of your fun, along with remaining within the religious boundaries.

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Attractions for Kids

For families travelling with kids, our program involves a wide variety of activities to keep the kids engaged positively. Competitions to enrich kids’ experience, storytelling sessions that develop their communication skills along with keeping their interest intact and many other activities for the whole day under the supervision of qualified staff are some of the salient features of our holiday program.

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Experience the scintillating Beach Cabanas

Imagine having your own personalized Beach Front Cabana with waiter service to treat you like a king. So enjoy the scrumptious taste of local food with the scenic view of pristine water.

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Refresh your soul by the wonderful beauty of your Creator

What could be more soothing than offering prayers, thanking and glorifying your Lord when you could actually see some of His heavenly creations? Dawn Travels give you the opportunity to enjoy your Lord’s creations without missing your five obligatory prayers and Jumma congregation.

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What’s more

If you think that it is it, you may be wrong, for we have much more to offer. Treat yourself with the most memorable trip to the wonderful Bahamas and enjoy a great deal of activities such as fishing, scuba diving, Para sailing and jet skiing. Banana boats and shark wranglers will surely leave you enthralled.

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